Avenida Almirante Reis

em três movimentos

Almirante Reis Avenue in three movements

Documentary / HD / 66’ / PT / 2018

Almirante Reis Avenue in three movements portrays this extensive artery of the city of Lisbon. Throughout the 20th century we delineate a map limited to the avenue’s memory of its space and to the experiences that happened and still happen there. The Almirante Reis Avenue could be like a time machine. We go up and down the avenue through archive pictures going back to its opening in 1908 and to the large crowds of the Republican rallies. We witness the 1st of May 1974. Between 2016 and 2018, we register the avenue in the present by following the everyday life of those who work and live there.

In October 3rd 2019, Almirante Reis Avenue in three movemtents was released in national movie theaters. 


Renata Sancho

Director who also works as an editor and script supervisor.
Since 2013 she has been the manager of the production company Cedro Plátano. 


Voice-over - Dinis Gomes, Crista Alfaiate

Directed by - Renata Sancho
Text - Aquilino Ribeiro
Cinematography - Joana Linda, Renata Sancho, Mário Castanheira
Editing - Renata Sancho, Joana Góis
Sound recording - Ricardo Leal, Vasco Pimentel, Bernardo Theriaga, Quintino Bastos, João Gazua
Sound mixing - Miguel Martins
Executive producer - Manuel Rocha da Silva
Producer - Renata Sancho
Production e distribution - Cedro Plátano

© Cedro Plátano 2018

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