Documentary / HD / PT

Central observes the Wave Energy Plant on the Island of Pico, Azores, through the elements that form its structure, its surrounding nature and the people related to its history and operation. Central is a depiction of the ability to make a dream into reality and to use that energy which, like a water stream, we continuously pour on what we do even, if we already are, more often than not, over a ruin.


Maria João Soares

Directed the documentary Como as serras crescem, which received several awards and honourable mentions, including: the CPLP Award for Best Short Film on Doclisboa 2010 and the award for best documentary in FARCUME 2012: Faro’s International Short Film Festival.

Was a participant in Arché - Workshop of Project Writing and Development, one of the sections in Doclisboa 2015, tutored by Marta Andreu, with the project Central. Through an invitation by Wrong Wrong (#3), an online publication focused on the area of contemporary artistic production, she presented an article based on fragments of the narrator’s text from Central (a text still in a writing stage). 

Participation in the EURODOC 2015 programme (Sintra, October 2015)

Participation in the Arché lab, in the context of Doclisboa – International Film Festival’15