Notas de Campo

Field Notes

Experimental, Documentary / DCP / 47’ / PT / 2017 

Field Notes arises from the need to understand the period of austerity policies in Portugal, which began in 2011. It stems from a search that takes the shape of a journey during which two women share their life experiences and their thoughts on those years: how they changed their lives and political views. A generational gaze on that specific time, on a path towards the South, from Portugal to the Sahara desert – a movement of taking distance: a breath.


Catarina Botelho

Catarina Botelho is a visual artist working with photography and video.
Botelho also works as an art educator, with several contemporary art institutions; has participated in film projects and does freelance photography. Currently she is attending the Independent Studies Programme (PEI) at Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA) with a grant by Gulbenkian Foundation. Field Notes is her first film. 


Directed by: Catarina Botelho
Cinematography: Catarina Botelho
Sound recording and grip: Helena Inverno
Editing: Helena Inverno
Sound mixing: Tiago Matos
Co-prodution: Catarina Botelho & Cedro Plátano
With the support from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

©2017 Catarina Botelho | Cedro Plátano

Poster: vivóeusébio


The General Consulate of Portugal in São Paulo invited the film Field Notes to this month’s session of Cine Lusco Fusco.
It was shown on August 24, Saturday, at 16h in the Consulate.

[Link for the event on facebook]