Maria Adelaide

Maria Adelaide 

Documentary / HD / 60’ (approx.)/  PT 


There is in Portugal a saint in flesh who receives many wedding dresses as a gift and there is an open museum devoted to the saint which loans them to women who cannot afford to buy one in order to get married.

In Portugal there is a saint in flesh known as Maria Adelaide. For over a century, she has received thousands of letters and visits to her eternal address - a small chapel in the parish of Arcozelo. In addition to the letters that people have sent her with photos in a mix of prayer and gratitude, more than 600 wedding dresses were gifted and are kept in a museum devoted to this cult. No one knows for sure how this phenomenon began, but it is from these ex-votos (an offering to a saint or to a divinity) that the film will develop. Between the documentary and the experimental, we intend to create an echo of the memories of her devotees from images and testimonies. The goal is to explore the fears, dreams, desires, regrets and ambitions that are common to all human beings, establishing a relation between the real and the imagined, between facts and the way we remember.


Joana Linda
Photographer with a strong connection to cinema and music, she directed the short films Layla and Lancelot (DocLisboa ‘16) and In Each Perfect Home a Broken Heart (IndieLisboa’ 13). He also staged R&J: an adaptation of the play Romeu and Juliet with an entirely female cast (Temps D’Images, 2014)

Submission to the support for Cinematographic Documentaries from ICA, 2020