Play by Joana Linda

PREMIERE // November 6th, 21h
Showings // November 7th and 8th

Clube Estefânia
R. Alexandre Braga, n. 24 A, Lisboa

A non-integral adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic which, with an entirely female cast, intends to simultaneously cancel the gender issue and question the woman’s role in art whilst muse and creator. The action, that takes place in an uncertain physical and temporal space, will highlight Romeo and Juliette’s lives predetermined nature, as well as the similarities between the rival families. How is the conflict born between hope and family heritage and personal ambition and convictions? Does love imply choice or is it an emotion completely devoid of reason? In a delicate limbo between life and death, the idea of loss deepens until it submerges and suffocates with all the other emotions.

Adaptation and Direction Joana Linda
Assistant Director Sara Graça
Production Cedro Plátano
Executive Production Renata Sancho


Ágata Pinho
Anabela Moreira
Cláudia Efe
Caroline Dawson
Diana Nicolau
Filipa Matta
Katrin Kaasa
Maria João Pinho
Miriam Santos
Patrícia Andrade
Patricia Couveiro
Paula Garcia
Priscilla Devesa
Sara Graça
Sofia Arriscado
Sónia Balacó
Sónia Baptista
Suspiria Franklyn
Tânia Alves
Teresa Coutinho
Vanda Cerejo

Costume Design Fernanda Pereira, Hair Ana Sousa Atelier_, Make-up Patrícia Estevão, Original Soundtrack João Alegria, Lighting Design and Video Programming Gonçalo Alegria, Director (video) Joana Linda, Assistant Director Rui Sá Macedo, Sound Recording Ricardo Leal, Carlos Mota, Miguel Clara Vasconcelos, Continuity Isabel Pestana, Stage Photography Pedro Guimarães, Joana Linda, Promoção Inês Magalhães, Poster Pedro Nora