A Ilha Invisível

The Invisible Island

Documentary, Fiction / DCP / 44’ / PT / 2018 

When arriving at the Invisible Island (a small place that floats on dry land, trying to hide from what surrounds it) we meet Dádá, the musician. Dádá tries to create a lunar melody. Only this will be able to attract celestial bodies, moving them from their unfazed positions, and to onset the reversed eclipse so that eternal love can be summoned.


Rui Almeida Paiva

As a writer, Rui Almeida Paiva has worked in projects for theatre, dance and cinema.

Some of the books he has published are: Ministério da Educação, Douda Correria, 2015. Quem viaja encontra os segredos antigos, mas perde os sapatos novos, Dois Dias Edições, 2014. Together with co-author Bruno Humberto he wrote and staged the theatrical plays “O Ploc do Pollock” and “O Sequestro”. In 2011, he founded along with Sofia Gonçalves the publisher Dois Dias.
Master’s degree in Text Editing, in FCSH-UNL, 2013. Thesis titled Jean Rouch: the filmmaker with a typewriter or the writer with a movie camera.


Director: Rui Almeida Paiva
Image: Diogo Allen & Bernardo Caldeira
Editing: Bernardo Caldeira & Francisco Costa
Sound: Quintino Bastos
Colour grading: Francisco Costa
Production: Rui Paiva & Cedro Plátano
Co-production: Rui Almeida Paiva & Cedro Plátano
Distribution: Cedro Plátano


Dádá Dnos - Adilson Afonso
Guilherme Brito
Captain Reality - Henrique M'Bemba
Hugo Carvalho
Dádá and Nito’s mother - Idalina Afonso
Nito Boss - Anilton Afonso
Vitória Veiga

©2018 Rui Paiva | Cedro Plátano

Poster: Bernardo Caldeira
Cinema Support Fund 2018 - Digital Mix Música e Imagem



The book Canções de embalar belos planetas cansados by Rui Almeida Paiva was released on the day The Invisible Island premiered. 

Track 0 of the book is a poem taken from the screenplay with the purpose of extending/expanding the last scene of the film, and, simultaneously, cradle the poems on the next pages. Both objects, the book and the film, are essentially connected by imaginary lines in permanent construction.  


Participation in the Arché lab, in the context of Doclisboa – International Film Festival’17

Support for Writing and Development from ICA - Cedro Plátano’s Cinema Plan 2016