Cedro Plátano

The Invisible Island participates in Arché

The Invisible Island, a developing project integrated in the Cinema Plan Cedro Plátano 2016 that has the financial support from ICA for writing and development and that is Rui Almeida Paiva’s first film as a director, was selected to participate in Arché, a laboratory dedicated to the development of film projects that took place during Doclisboa’17 – 15th International Film Festival between October 22nd and 27th.

Both the director Rui Almeida Paiva and the assistant producer Maria Perdigão Pires attended Arché. The Invisible Island was part, together with three other projects, of the Workshop for Development through Dialogue: Writing and Editing which was tutored by Laura Huertas Millán.

2 Agosto 2018