The Visit (and A Secret Garden)

Length 67 min / 4k / Spanish / In Post Production

Little is known about the mysterious figure of Isabel Santaló, an artist, today fallen into oblivion.

Status: In Post Production


Irene M. Borrego

Graduated in Film Directing from EICTV, Cuba, she extended her studies at The London Film School. She is cofounder and managing director of the production company 59 en Conserva.
As a director she has completed nine short films, awarded in France, Portugal, Italy, USA, Ukraine and Romania.
She is also the creative and executive producer of films by other filmmakers (‘Dos Islas’, Adriana F. Castellanos; ‘El mar nos mira de lejos’, Manuel Muñoz Rivas; ‘This Film is About Me’, Alexis Delgado Búrdalo) and researches the theory of art.

Director - Irene M. Borrego
Producers - Mariangela Mondolo-Burghard & Renata Sancho
Cinematography - Javier Calvo
Sound Recording - Nicolas Tsabertidis
Editing - Manuel Muñoz Rivas
Co-Prodution - Spain & Portugal
Production Companies - 59 en Conserva & Cedro Plátano
Institutional Funding - 
ICAA (Spain), ICA (Portugal), Fundación SGAE (Spain), Ayuntamiento de Madrid (Spain), Crea SGR (Spain)