The Visit and a secret Garden

Length 63 min / DCP 2k / Spanish / Spain & Portugal Co-Production


Little is known about the mysterious figure of Isabel Santaló, an artist, now forgotten.


Little is known about the mysterious figure of Isabel Santaló, an elderly artist, now forgotten. But from time to time some visitors come to his house. Through them and the voice of Antonio López, the only painter of his generation who remembers her, a film is composed about art, distance and gaze, in the search for light through shadows.
Stuatus in Post-Production


Irene M. Borrego

A graduate in film directing from the EICTV, Cuba, she broadened her studies with a scholarship to the London Film School. She has participated in cinema workshops with Emir Kusturica, Albert Serra and Abbas Kiarostami. Co-founder of the production company ‘59 en Conserva’ she worked as an economist before entering the world of cinema.
Her short films have been shown at Tampere, Edinburgh, Slamdance, États Généraux du Film Documentaire, Molodist, Málaga, Zinebi, Punto de Vista, Alcine and Documenta Madrid, among others and they have won awards in France, Portugal, Italy, USA, Ukraine and Romanía. She has also worked as a director’s assistant, scriptwriter and cultural journalist for various outlets in Mexico.
In parallel to her own projects, she produces films for other filmmakers and researches various topics related to art theory and the relationship between cinema and other art forms. In this area she has received scholarships from the Museo del Prado, and has participated in various seminars and contributed to a number of publications.

She is also the creative and executive producer of films by other filmmakers (‘Dos Islas’, Adriana F. Castellanos; ‘El mar nos mira de lejos’, Manuel Muñoz Rivas; ‘This Film is About Me’, Alexis Delgado Búrdalo).

Isabel Santaló, Fernanda Suárez, Amelia Martinez Callejo
and the voice Antonio Lopez

Director - Irene M. Borrego
Producers - Mariangela Mondolo-Burghard & Renata Sancho
Cinematography - Javier Calvo
Editing - Manuel Muñoz Rivas & Irene M. Borrego
Sound Recording - Nicolas Tsabertidis
Sound Editing - Hugo Leitão
Sound Mix - Patrick Ghislain

Production Companies - 59 en Conserva & Cedro Plátano

Institutional Funding - 
ICAA (Spain), ICA (Portugal), Fundación SGAE (Spain), Ayuntamiento de Madrid (Spain), Crea SGR (Spain)

Project participated in Arché

Co-Prodution - Spain & Portugal